Research studies go awry when chaotic focus groups turn fun into fiasco and push celebrity moderators to the brink. Groupees invent ailments, create convoluted stories, study up on products they pretend to use, and voice outrageous opinions, making it a challenge for our celebrity ringleaders to gather information from this raucous, rowdy, and often dysfunctional bunch. Although the moderators should remain neutral, their emotions erupt and true colors come shining through.
Movie sets and Hollywood parties are over for spoiled actress Anne Roman, but the story is just beginning for this ruthless beauty who faces the role of her lifetime when she has no place else to go but back home to Highland Falls - small town living, stinky cow pastures, and gossip mongers. She is done with the night life, but doesn't think she can go without any life. So what the "F" is she suppose to do now?
Celebrities take over kitchens around America leaving people guessing who's doing the cooking. From magnificent meals, to mayhem and messes, they have until the last bite to figure it out. Will pigs-in-a-blanket go over well at a socialites soiree, or how about duck pate' on toast points drizzled with merange' reduction served to unsuspecting football fans? Distracted celebrities have kitchens up in smoke, and those with zero culinary ability are on the edge of a melt down. Hey, when was the last time a celebrity cooked dinner for you?
Do you know what a Cicerone is? You will after meeting Ray Daniels, the founder and director of the Cicerone Certification Progam, an elite designation held by true beer experts.. Ray is internationally known for his vast knowledge of beer, his engaging and energetic personality, and the ability to turn anyone into a beer connoisseur. Travel across the country and around the globe for a thrilling new experience. You will never taste beer the same way again!
We harness the power of the athlete’s celebrity to provide a unique platform for them to give back and encourage young minds to be fit and focused to succeed in sports and in life. The series does not highlight the hype and action of the big game, but instead provides an exciting opportunity for kids to see the hard work and dedication that athletes invest in themselves and their sport from training routines to dietary needs.
Get a real look behind the scenes of a nonprofit organization to witness the excitement and anxiety of coordinating a premiere fundraising event. Those dedicated to serving the greater good don't always see eye to eye. Drama unfolds as staff members work to balance the needs and interests of the organization with the ideas of the philanthropist who put their money and reputation behind the charity.
Watch your back, YOU might be next! Donna Pennell Ambushes unsuspecting people and has their travel plans upside down. Baseball fanatics miss the Red Sox's game when detoured to a luxury spa, honeymooners spend more time in shark cages and skydiving than they do in bed, socialites skip the soiree for a day at an extreme adventure park, an investment firm's meeting happens in the wilderness of Montana instead of Las Vegas, and a batchlorette party ends up shipmates on a historic windjammer of the coast of Maine. Donna doesn't know these people, but before they head home they're going to love her! Maybe?
A group of 15 talented make-up artists compete for the chance to go big time with the help of a major cosmetic company. From applications on runway models, to transforming Cirque du Soleil performers, who will avoid the weekly cut? A body art challenge brings about unexpected drama, and who gets the nod after working on the set of a horror film? Theme weddings with bridal party makeovers, Hollywood's famous faces, and giving a fresh look to accident victims, it get harder each week to MakeUp Your Mind.

Join the parties with people of the equine world for a little Horse Play. We'll be celebrating the world's fastest thoroughbreds in high style with owners, jockeys, and socialites; hitting the trail with prominent corporate types for a true city slicker experience, taking an Equitor ride of the snowy white Andalusians in Spain capped by a night of flamingo dancing, and do more than replace divots when we hang out with the players of the Newport Polo Club. Celebrity guests, famous athletes and exciting places... Saddle up, we're going riding!
He's just crazy about real estate...and we mean crazy! Scott Varley gives a whole new meaning to getting to know your Realtor. Ranking in the "Top Half Percent" of all Realtors in the U.S., and #70 nationwide on the Wall Street Journal list of top performers, this Saratoga Springs, NY resident has a style all his own. Occasionally out doing business in his bathrobe, you get the real Scott Varley, whether he's throwing open house pool parties, hijacking a trolley of people to caravan a multi-million dollar property, prospecting boaters while swimming in Lake George, moving into a framed home for 5 days to raise money for Habitat for Humanity, or sliding into a hot tub with two women he met at a hotel grand's all about real estate!

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