He's not a Doctor, he’s not a Scientist, he’s not a Nutritionist, but Craig Bronga has spent years helping people connect back to their true self. In today's society we deal with job stress, anxiety, poor eating habits, and weight issues. This respected New Jersey coach takes a HeadStrong approach, making real life changes for his clients. The mind controls everything.
How nice would it be if you didn’t have go places or do things you didn’t want to? Alexandra (Alex) Cooper, a make-up consultant for an upscale department store has an epiphany after getting fired for the fifth time in 2 years. It’s time to go into business for herself…Impersonating other people.
Watch for the Tailgate Cook-Off bus as we pull into stadiums in search of the nations best tailgate cook. From 12 finalists, only 4 will advance to the live competition held at the playoff game two weeks before the Super Bowl. Winner scores $25,000, tickets to the Super Bowl, and a new truck. But wait...it's not over!  From football fans to NASCAR fans, the contest heats up before they start their engines as we pull into America's speedways in search of another cook-off champion.
A group of 8-11 year olds fearlessly approach people from all walks of life for candid conversations about the nations youth and ways to improve it. They are getting involved one subject at a time, hoping to make a difference.
Attention Ladies! If you happen to be looking for a Builder, Financial Planner, Dance Instructor, Interior Designer, Doctor, Dentist, or any other reputable pro - check with us first. We searched the country for the sexiest "available" Men For Hire. We get down to business and go way beyond the standard job interview!
The honour of your presence is requested. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue...this is your guide to everything wedding. From the traditional classic style, to the ultra-mod, odd and unusual - the best in the industry work with brides around the world to create the day their Mother always imagined!
Let the competition begin! We pit the worlds top breweries against each other to see who will create the newest, most creative beer. To judge brewers of this caliber you need to rely on the expertise of a seasoned professional, this is where Ray Daniels founder of The Cicerone Program comes in. Ray is a beer connoisseur and sought after judge for national and international competitions. Let the brewing begin!
Socialites, Soiree's, Group Vacations, Matchmaking, Party Tours, Mediation, Street Soliciting, 24/7 Service…whatever it takes to sell homes! Scott Varley and his group of top producers know how to make the deals happen in this upscale tourist town, known for its historic race course, mineral springs, and millionaires. Scott's first in Real Estate in Saratoga, thats what happens when you do things differently.

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