Schenectady, New York is the birthplace of the first television broadcast in the United States, and its where you'll find Donna Pennell, a Schenectady native, who has created, developed, and produced over 585 television shows aired on major networks and cable affiliates.

Pennell has been working in the entertainment business since age 3, performing as a dancer, model, and theatre actor. Her first experience with film came at age 16 when she took a cinematography class, and from that point on was hooked. She wrote, produced, and directed three short films by age 20. During her time in Los Angeles she assisted with numerous productions, also appearing on-camera as an actress and TV host.

Upon her return to upstate New York, she became a regional Producer/Director in the Albany market for World Media, handling several weekly series and creating new programming. In 1996 Pennell established Destiny Productions, and in 2012 Electric City Entertainment (a salute to Schenectady, which is known as the Electric City)

Pennell was  honored to be appointed in 2016 by the Mayor of Schenectady as a new Film Commissioner, serving to bring film and TV productions to Upstate New York.

Other broadcasted series and television specials produced by Pennell include HomeView TV, Dining Out, A Saratoga Summer, Open House, Out & About, Holiday, Showcase Of Homes, TV AutoShow, Here Comes the Bride, At Home, and Real Estate Deal$.

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